Monday, May 26, 2014

Everyday Montessori: Folding a Napkin

In today’s Everyday Montessori, we are focusing on the practical life skill of folding a napkin. Even though it sounds simple, folding a napkin can help a child feel like part of the meal process while improving his or her coordination. To do this at home all you need is a wrinkle free napkin.

1) Place your wrinkle free napkin flat on the table

2) Ask the child to smooth the napkin with his or her thumb from left to right.
3) Draw your child’s attention to the 4 corners of the napkin
4) Make an imaginary line from left top to the right end
5) Make an imaginary line from right top to the left end
6) Fold the right top corner w\ the index and thumb to the left bottom corner

7) Now smooth it nicely
8) Go to the left top corner and gently bring the corner to the bottom right corner

9) Now smooth it nicely
10) Keep your left palm flat pick up the napkin with your right hand and put it on the left hand
11) Gently place on the table next to the plate